Business decisions are only as good as the information on which they are based. However, over the last decade, data volumes have grown tremendously and compounded the intricacies involved in their processing and analysis. Industry trends indicate that this growth will rapidly accelerate, resulting in generation of multiple terabytes, even petabytes, of data over the coming years. Traditional business intelligence approaches will not be able to keep pace with this massive growth in data volumes and the complexities raised by the dynamic nature of today’s enterprise business. ERP Global offers business intelligence and data warehousing solutions that will keep pace with these developments and effectively manage your information assets to produce actionable intelligence that will enable you to take informed business decisions.

ERP Global's Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW) practice offers deep expertise in enterprise information management (EIM) that encompasses services like data integration, master data management, data warehouse management, data cleansing and quality management, creating dashboards and reports, advanced analytics and Corporate Performance Management to help you manage the following challenges:

      • Break down data silos, improve collaboration between business functions, reduce latency in information availability, and enable right-time decision-making capability
      • Gain insight from the terabytes of data being generated on a daily basis to take smarter decisions and improve bottom line
      • Equip an increasingly mobile workforce with access to BI reports and dashboards through mobile devices
      • Reduce the time taken to derive value from BI projects
      • Tackle inconsistencies within enterprise data to gain competitive benefits
      • Adhere to regulatory compliance requirements
      • Formulate strategies for profitable growth and actively monitor day-to-day operations



At ERP Global, we offer solutions that enable enterprises to manage structured as well as unstructured information on a real-time basis and make it available to the business in the form of intelligible dashboards, scorecards, and drill-through reporting. Our integrated technology and operations  led delivery model ensures assured business outcomes, through the following:

Consulting Services: We help organizations strategize, formulate and execute BI strategies. Our architecture consulting services include defining DWH / ETL / OLAP strategies, reference architectures (SOA), capacity planning, installation, configuration, and benchmarking of BI infrastructure, BI roadmap creation, and BI tool standardization that help enterprises realize optimum value out of their BI implementation.

Data consolidation, reduction in latency, and single version of the truth: Our data warehousing and data integration services will help you to break down data silos and enable you to assess, analyze, and share data from disparate sources. Our established methodologies and proven processes are engineered to reduce latency in information availability, improve collaboration between business functions, and enable right-time decision-making capability.

BI dashboards and reports for mobile workforce: We have developed significant capabilities across mobile BI technologies like Roambi, SAP BO mobile, Qlikview, HTML 5 and Microstrategy Mobile, among others to help enterprises deliver reports and dashboards on multiple smart phone and tablet platforms.

Effective master data management and information governance: We help our customers build and maintain master data repositories, tackle inconsistencies within their data, and cleanse and enrich it to gain competitive advantage while simultaneously adhering to compliance requirements. We have co-developed Oracle’s Supplier Lifecycle Management solution and are a preferred implementation partner for the product.

Integration and analysis of information to drive high performance: Our differentiated Enterprise Performance Management services enable organizations to solve core business problems by applying analytical insights in conjunction with performance management methodologies such as strategic goal setting, score-carding, profitability management — activity-based costing, budgetary control – driver-based financial and operational planning, and financial and management consolidation of businesses.

Unlocking of immense value from big data: We help organizations integrate all data sources within the enterprise including databases, data warehouses, enterprise systems, business intelligence applications, and leverage Big Data to generate immense business value including higher operating margin, improved operational efficiency and quality, and reduced expenditure.

Quicker time-to-value from BI solution deployments: We have developed agile methodologies to deliver BI & DW solutions including an estimation methodology, a unique feature-driven development framework, and velocity tracking and agile modeling tools to help enterprises derive immediate value from their BI implementations.

End-to-end business and technology services: We offer low-risk, high-impact, short-cycle diagnostic, and assessment studies that ensure effectiveness of BI / DW initiatives across the stages of problem definition, solution recommendation, solution roll-out, and post-implementation maintenance and support.

Track Record for Client Success

      • Reporting solution for sales management, marketing and finance executives of a leading medical device manufacturer
      • Solution for processing large data volumes and analyzing usage and revenue contribution for a major telecom operator in Indonesia
      • Enterprise data warehouse reengineering to enable efficient stock management for a leading healthcare device manufacturer
      • End-to-end enterprise data warehouse implementation and support for a large retail bank in the US west coast
      • Integrated Technology Operations  based after-sales supply chain solution for one of the largest global automobile manufacturers



ERP Global's Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing practice has a strong foundation based on more than  thirteen years of experience, deep domain knowledge, considerable technological expertise, proven implementation frameworks, and effective knowledge management. We have formed alliances with leading Business Intelligence solution vendors like IBM Cognos, Informatica, Microsoft, Netezza, Oracle, Pentaho, SAP BusinessObjects, Talend, and Trillium to enable faster implementations with optimal utilization of features. These comprehensive Business Intelligence solutions have delivered tangible business benefits to our customers across multiple industry verticals like manufacturing, life sciences, banking, financial services, insurance, telecom, and retail.

Industry Solution Accelerators

Banking: Our solutions and services ensure compliance to regulatory requirements like Basel II Framework: Basel II Reporting, Risk Reporting, and Security Aggregation framework.

Insurance: We offer two solutions for the insurance sector, General Insurance Dashboard Solution and Insurance Product Performance Monitoring both of which provide near real-time access to product information to enable informed decision-making.

Manufacturing: Our inventory liability and risk management solution for the manufacturing and hi-tech sectors helps enterprises to gain insight into their inventory liability and obsolescence exposure.

Telecom: For the telecom sector, we offer  a highly flexible analytics solution that enables business performance by providing unified view of data in near real-time.  The solution is based on our pre-built Telco Data Models and provides out-of-the-box reports and dashboards for areas like billing, operations, churn management, and customer relationship management.

Life Sciences: We offer a Clinical Trials solution to manage the trials process, and raise alerts in case of discrepancies.

ERP Global Advantage

      • Successful track record in delivering customized BI solutions, from concept and strategy formulation through system operation and maintenance.
      • Deep domain expertise and dedicated BI professionals to assess, analyze, and provide strategic insight into the BI value proposition within and across corporate business functions and lines of business. We understand the business issues our clients face and recognize the patterns in the problem.
      • Time-tested frameworks for capturing and defining business needs, design architecture, data models, ETL strategy and design, reporting strategy and design, and test plans
      • Significant experience of working in multiple vendor environments enables us to structure engagements based on partnerships by leveraging in-house knowledge, proactively focusing on knowledge transfer, and aligning with other high-impact enterprise-wide information frameworks and strategies.
      • Significant experience in leading technologies and access to best-in-class technologies through our vendor alliances. Our alliance partners include vendors across the Business Intelligence project lifecycle including database, data integration, cleansing / transformation (ETL), OLAP, reporting, and Corporate Performance Management



ERP Global's BI & DW practice provides end-to-end business and technology services to facilitate the effectiveness of our clients’ BI & DW initiatives. Our low-risk, high-impact, short-cycle diagnostic and assessment studies cover all stages right from roll-out to post-implementation maintenance and support. Our deliverable spans problem definition, proposal of alternate solutions and best practices, and recommendation of a suitable implementation plan. With our expertise, we focus on enabling our clients to take quick and well-informed decisions, and drive growth and profitability in a sustainable manner.

Our services cover a gamut of areas:

      • BI Consulting
      • BI Reporting
      • Mobile BI
      • Business Analytics
      • Master Data Management and Information Governance
      • Enterprise Performance Management
      • Data and Platform Migration
      • Data Warehousing and Data Integration
      • Agile BI


BI Consulting

ERP Global’s Business Intelligence Consulting Services comprise high-impact, short-cycle diagnostic and assessment studies that facilitate the execution of a client organization’s BI/DW initiative. We help our clients analyze the business problem and then propose solutions along with a strategy and implementation plan that track the company’s short-, medium-, and long-term priorities and business objectives.

We have developed a set of methodologies, frameworks, checklists, and IP assets to help us strategize the BI initiatives for greenfield as well as transformational BI investments.
Services offered include areas like:

      • Business intelligence competency center framework
      • Business intelligence readiness, maturity, performance
      • Architecture
      • Business intelligence roadmap
      • Business intelligence tools standardization / consolidation
      • Data quality


Mobile BI

Mobile BI offers significant value to an increasingly mobile workforce across the world, especially in the area of operations. Research reports predict that 20 to 50 percent of BI reports and dashboards will be accessed through mobile devices or tablets in the coming years.

ERP Global has built significant capabilities to help organizations deliver reports/dashboards on smart phones and tablets. We have developed frameworks and methodologies that accelerate the implementation. We have delivered multiple solutions to clients on technologies like Microstrategy Mobile, Roambi, SAP BO mobile, Qlikview, HTML 5.

Our service offerings include:

      • Mobile BI technology evaluation consulting services
      • Proof-of-concept on mobile BI technologies
      • End-to-end Mobile BI implementation


BI Reporting

At ERP Global, we offer frameworks, tools, and accelerators to choose and implement the BI Reporting solution most suited to your requirements in terms of reporting capabilities and information access. Our experience and expertise across multiple technology devices enables us to provide our clients access to varied reports with easy-to-use graphical user interfaces, for improved competitiveness.

ERP Global has delivered multiple solutions to clients for technologies like IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects, SQL Server Reporting services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSRS), Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE), QlikView, Tibco Spotfire, Roambi, Microstrategy, Pentaho.

Our service offerings include:

      • Report and Schema Design and Development
      • Report Performance Optimization
      • Security Setup
      • End-to-end Reporting Development
      • Support and Maintenance


Business Analytics

Enterprises can leverage ERP Global's decade plus experience across multiple industry verticals in implementing and maintaining business analytics solutions to identify the right solutions for their business analytics requirements. ERP Global's proven implementation methodology, accelerators, and tools can help enterprises benefit from quicker deployment, lower risks, reduced costs, and thereby, faster time-to-market. ERP Global has significant expertise in analytics tools like SAS and SPSS, and has developed frameworks, tools, and methodologies to ensure quick, risk-free deployments. Key areas of expertise include:

      • Data Mining/ Predictive Analytics
      • Statistical Analysis
      • Business Forecasting


Master Data Management & Information Governance

ERP Global provides processes, tools, and metrics to help organizations use information effectively and efficiently in order to achieve their business objectives. Our primary focus is on helping our customers to build and maintain Master Data repositories, tackle inconsistencies within their data, and cleanse and enrich it to gain competitive benefits while simultaneously adhering to compliance requirements. ERP Global with Oracle co-developed Supplier Lifecycle Management / Supplier Hub (SLM/SH) and is a preferred implementation partner for the product. We have a good understanding of the product architecture and can leverage this knowledge for other MDM products and more importantly solutions for customers. ERP Global offers consulting and end-to-end services in the following areas:

      • Data Quality
      • Data Governance and Metadata  Management
      • Master Data Management: Customer / Product / Supplier Hub


Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) services help organizations to move beyond the basic Business Intelligence (BI) to enhance decision making process and align organization’s actions to corporate strategy. Our differentiated EPM services enable organizations to solve core business problems by applying analytical insights in conjunction with performance management methodologies such as strategic goal setting, score carding, and profitability management— activity-based costing, budgetary control — driver-based financial and operational planning, and financial and management consolidation of businesses. Our EPM technology specialists and domain experts support customers for enterprise wide adoption of EPMs inclusive and collaborative process model of monitoring and controlling business performance. With our EPM services, organizations have gained measurable benefits in the following areas:

      • Enterprise strategy planning
      • Financial budgeting, forecasting, and simulation models
      • Financial consolidations and statutory compliance
      • Dashboards and scorecards
      • Profitability and spend management


Data & Platform Migration

ERP Global offers considerable expertise and proven methodologies to help enterprises manage their data and platform migration requirements. Enterprises can look towards ERP Global when they want to consolidate their data systems or migrate to a newer, more robust platform. We offer frameworks and solutions to mitERP Global associated risks while accelerating deployment. These include:

      • ETL-based Data Migration: Legacy to Open System, COTS Suites
      • Tech/Platform Consolidation, Upgrade and Re-engineering
      • Performance Optimization Framework


Data Warehousing & Data Integration

ERP Global's data warehousing solutions break down data silos and allows organizations to access, analyze and share data from disparate sources. Our dedicated and focused BI practice provides customers an insight into the latest advancements in BI and DW technology. Our industry best practices, established methodologies, and proven processes that are engineered to reduce latency in information availability, improve collaboration between business functions and enable right-time decision-making capability. ERP Global has delivered multiple solutions to clients for technologies like Informatica, IBM DataStage, SAP BusinessObjects DI, SQL Server Integration services (SSIS), Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Pentaho.
Services offered include areas like:

      • Data Warehouses, Data Marts
      • Operational Data Stores
      • Data Integration/Data Consolidation


Agile BI

Agile business intelligence addresses the broad need to enable flexibility by accelerating the time it takes to deliver value with BI projects. ERP Global has helped many customers transition to Agile BI by helping them realize the value proposition it brings to the table. ERP Global has developed methodologies, frameworks and best practices that addresses key challenges and ensures assured business outcomes. Agile frameworks developed by our in-house R&D include Sprint estimation methodology, feature-driven development, velocity tracking, agile modeling. Our service offerings include:

      • Proof-of-concept implementation of Agile BI projects to understand benefits and set expectations.
      • End-to-end Agile BI project implementation and support