Enterprises today are functioning as global value networks rather than monolithic entities. This makes it imperative to stay connected with the extended enterprise ecosystem.  Enterprise Applications facilitate the seamless integration of distributed enterprises and their supply chains. While ERP systems have delivered proven value in streamlining enterprise processes, organizations face the associated immense challenge of support, upgrades, integration, change management, and controlling cost and schedule overruns. Hence, organizations want to collaborate with mature IT service vendors who can drive the ROI on their ERP investments in the form of business process improvement, productivity enhancements, and contribution to profitability.

ERP Global has helped many global companies successfully implement large, complex ERP systems effectively through our end-to-end ERP services portfolio. Our extensive experience in ERP implementation, ERP integration, and extending ERP functionality has helped us develop capabilities in architecting scalable and adaptive customer solutions, which support incremental enhancement with built-in modularity. As a result, our clients have access to real-time business information that is intelligible and useful across the enterprise.

Our ERP implementation and ERP integration methodologies speed time-to-value delivery for a number of reasons, including their incorporation of the right analytics for real-time decision-making. ERP Global's ERP implementation solutions also seamlessly integrate applications across disparate platforms and technologies, to increase the value of IT investments, and enhance productivity and profitability.

ERP Global's partnerships with leading application vendors give enterprise clients access to expertise that builds competitive advantage quickly. Our core ERP implementation practices include SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards. We offer ERP consulting across functional boundaries including Logistics, Finance, Costing, and Human Capital Management among others.

Our ERP services expertise includes both packaged suite implementation and the integration of diverse and distributed application portfolios - within and across the extended enterprise. We support customers across the entire range of the application life cycle, from package evaluation through implementation, to post-implementation support.



ERP Global leverages its long experience in delivering value to global organizations and deep partnership with SAP to help organizations meet their business challenges heads on. In our endeavor to help our clients drive maximum return on their SAP investments, ERP Global has forged strong partnership with SAP including.

      • SAP Services partner
      • SAP Consulting Partner in US
      • Go-To-Market Solution Alliance in across multiple industry verticals

ERP Global delivers services across the SAP spectrum including SAP consulting, SAP implementation, SAP integration and post-SAP implementation services for our customers. ERP Global's SAP Support services cover the entire SAP systems spectrum — spanning from configuration set up, customization/enhancement of existing SAP functionality, and post-SAP implementation support, to Business Process Analysis (BPA)/Gap Analysis and Business Process mapping.

Our proven SAP integration capability enables seamlessly integrated solutions that increase the value of technology investments.

ERP Global's SAP implementation and SAP consulting expertise includes Finance and Costing, Logistics, Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution, Plant Maintenance, and Human Resources. Within the SAP practice, ERP Global teams specialize in building data warehouse, supply chain, and procurement solutions configured around SAP's New Dimension products like BW, APO, CRM and SRM.

ERP Global maintains a resource pool of experienced professionals, consultants, solution designers and developers. This high caliber staff is backed by proven end-to-end project execution methodologies. ERP Global's focused Delivery Center and skilled resource pool ensures scalability, while a well-established onsite-offshore execution model delivers cost effective solutions for clients.
A dedicated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) group delivers solutions for many EDI standards including Tradecom, Edifact, and ANSI, built on popular third-party products like Gentran, Mercator, and GEAI. In addition, ERP Global is proficient in developing real-time application integration frameworks around SAP using MQSI, webMethods, and TIBCO.



ERP Global is a full service business and IT solutions firm specializing in the implementation of Oracle product lines i.e. Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, Siebel, J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne, J.D. Edwards World, Hyperion Financial Performance Management etc). We blend in-depth industry knowledge of best practices with deep software competencies and technical expertise to deliver successful business solutions that enable you to maximize returns on your Oracle investments.

Focus on successful outcomes

We are committed to successful business outcomes through a combination of best-in-class methodology, superior solution design, customer-centric innovation, and emerging engagement models. ERP Global offers a comprehensive range of Oracle support and Oracle integration services and has executed over 200 Oracle projects for customers across industry verticals like manufacturing, banking, financial services, life sciences, telecom, travel, logistics, and hospitality among others.

Focusing on successful business outcome, we combine our technical and deep domain knowledge to deliver successful business solutions that enable you to maximize returns on your Oracle investments. Leveraging our proprietary tools, methodologies, frameworks, accelerators, and knowledge repository, ERP Global's Oracle Practice ensures successful Oracle ERP application implementation and integration, faster roll-outs, de-risked upgrades, reliable Oracle support, and best quality development. ERP Global has built expertise that can streamline and integrate your business processes, automate operations, improve efficiency, connect the internal and external aspects of your enterprise to ensure seamless exchange of information and workflow, help you to reduce cost, accelerate time-to-market, optimize ROI from your IT investments, and realize sustainable growth.

Our focus industries include:

      • Banking and Financial Services (BFS)
      • Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution & Logistics (MRL)
      • Insurance and Healthcare (IHC)
      • Media and Entertainment
      • Product & Engineering Solutions
      • Communications & Telecom

ERP Global's SAP implementation practice serves SAP clients in a wide range of industries, including engineer-to-order and make-to-stock, discrete manufacturing, high-tech/electronics, batch and continuous process, consumer Packaged goods, retail, and banking & financial services.

Our SAP service offerings span the full range of the SAP lifecycle.

SAP Implementation Services

      • Assessment studies
      • Functionality mapping with standard SAP
      • Modifications and enhancements to existing SAP functionality
      • Developing new ABAPs to meet new and changing business requirements.

Application Management Services (Read more)

      • A Level 1 to Level 3 based 24 x 7 Maintenance and Support
      • Complete Ownership from First Call received to Call Closure
      • Covers Application Support and Infrastructure Support

Post-SAP Implementation Services

      • Enhancements to existing functionality
      • ABAP support and modifications
      • Production support and second level support
      • Master data maintenance upload/download
      • ABAP performance tuning services
      • BASIS/System admin support services.

Extension/Integration Services

      • Web interfaces to legacy applications
      • SAP-to-SAP and -non-SAP integration using ALE/IDOCs
      • SAP-to-SAP and -non-SAP using SAP Netweaver technologies
      • SAP mobile data entry using bar code scanners, RF Terminals, palm tops and handheld devices with DCOM/BAPI and SAP console technologies
      • Data warehousing and business intelligence
      • Supply Chain Management implementation and rollout
      • Customer Relationship Management implementation
      • Supplier Relationship Management.

Upgrade and Consolidation Services

      • ERP Global has wide experience consolidating multiple SAP instances and upgrading clients to versions 4.6c or 4.7 (Enterprise version). These services include:
      • Upgrade planning and consolidation assessment
      • Technical assistance for upgrading from version 4.6 to enterprise
      • Instance consolidation
      • Code conversion and data migration
      • Data archival
      • Testing and V&V
      • Technical and Functional training for end users
      • Documentation.

Portal Services

      • Assessment and implementation of SAP Enterprise Portal
      • Integration of SAP with third party portal solutions like Plumtree and BroadVision
      • Web-based development of custom workflows and process scenarios within portal
      • Development in BSP/PDK/Iviews and Business Packages.

ERP Global's SAP-AMS Solution Framework


SAP Implementation / Rollout Services

Rapidly expanding businesses looking at integrating their business operations to improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, enable collaborative working with business partners or consolidate IT infrastructure to reduce costs and improve operations can partner with ERP Global to implement an SAP ERP system. Companies that have already implemented an SAP ERP system but would like to rollout a similar system in other geographic locations in order to integrate business operations, improve efficiency in business, and reduce cost of IT can also benefit from ERP Global’s deep expertise and experience.

ERP Global has developed a unique implementation / rollout framework which is basically built on 4 major pillars, namely, methodology, tools, accelerators and templates. Other important elements of our methodology are:

      • Risk mapping and mitigation recommendations template
      • Strong post-production support model and seamless transition to SLA driven Application Maintenance model
      • Proven distributed delivery methodology enabling effective working and coordination of distributed teams (kernel site, rollout sites, and factory model)
      • Experienced rollout team
      • Best Practices and existing system

The implementation methodology focuses on all aspects of an enterprise wide IT system where business processes control the entire process. Based on the size, diversity and geographical reach of the organization, the implementation commences with global process definition and design, and then focuses on the pilot implementation. ERP Global’s proprietary tools, accelerators, and templates compliment our methodology in ensuring the overall success of the project. The rollout methodology focuses on business processes based on the global template process. Along with accelerators and templates, our methodology reduces time spend on configuration and development activities.

Why Choose ERP Global

      • ERP Global’s global process template can ensure a typical single site rollout in a short span of 12-14 weeks. By partnering with ERP Global businesses can avail the following benefits:
      • Business standardization across the organization by implementing a global process template
      • Enabling localization for specific country/division & language requirements
      • Adoption of Rapid Accelerated Framework & Factory Model for rollouts
      • Best Practices around Rollout Template & around Governance (Program & Change Management)
      • Reverse Engg Tools for building Global template & leveraging Solution Manager for enabling rollouts in under 4-6 months
      • Integration of business operations
      • Collaborative working with business partners
      • Reduced cost of IT
      • Retirement of existing systems (obsolete technology, withdrawal of product support by software vendor, high cost of maintenance, competitive pressure, etc)


Key tools offered by ERP Global include:

      • SAP SCAN: Lists transactions used by business users and assesses existing inventory of custom objects. This is the starting point for Reverse Engineering process to develop the global business process structure.
      • Accelerated Configurator: Enables configuration of 80% of the total activity by a single person without prior SAP configuration knowledge.
      • SAP Switch: Helps in migrating master and transaction data from the legacy system.
      • Test Accelerator: Helps to carry out project related testing with readily available reusable test cases that can be deployed with minimum effort


SAP Upgrade Services

With SAP announcing 'end of life' for the older R/3 application, the decision to upgrade is now an imperative and not an optional initiative. Inaccurate assessment of the scope of upgrade activities can lead to a failed upgrade. Asking the right questions at the initial stages of a project and getting satisfactory answers is important for any successful upgrade. The ERP Global Accelerator for SAP Upgrade Assessment seeks to minimize the risk of upgrade. It uses a detailed analysis of the SAP landscape and a clear understanding of the upgrade objectives to design a best-fit upgrade strategy.

ERP Global’s SAP upgrade expertise can help businesses:

      • Minimize need to re-test application
      • Lower downtime
      • Reduce cost of upgrade


ERP Global offers well-defined, tailor-made upgrade strategy and a selection of best-fit toolsets to mitERP Global upgrade risks, budget overruns, missed deadlines, unprepared end users, and other setbacks. In ERP Global, you will find a partner with a successful record of accomplishment in planning, managing and executing SAP Upgrades and a suite of tools and processes whose effectiveness has been proven repeatedly.

Why Choose ERP Global

ERP Global has a dedicated Center of Excellence for SAP Upgrades which has:

      • Experience with simple as well as complex upgrades
      • Managed upgrade in both single instance and multiple instance scenario
      • Managed Unicode conversions.
      • Successfully used automated software tools that compress Upgrade assessment and implementation timelines
      • Provided automated testing
      • Leverage global delivery to reduce the total cost of upgrade

Upgrade Accelerators: ERP Global’s accelerators for SAP Upgrade address concerns of various SAP user groups ensuring smoother upgrade. The accelerator for SAP Upgrade Assessment seeks to minimize the risk of upgrade. It uses a detailed analysis of the SAP landscape and a clear understanding of the upgrade objectives to design a best-fit upgrade strategy.

Comprehensive services across phases of upgrade: ERP Global helps in all phases of upgrade from upgrade assessment, preparation, blue-printing, realization, final-preparation and cut-over. ERP Global offers the following SAP upgrade accelerators:

      • ERP Global Accelerator for SAP Upgrade Assessment
      • ERP Global Accelerator for SAP Upgrade Execution
      • ERP Global Accelerator for SAP Testing

Trusted SAP Partner: ERP Global has partnered globally with SAP users to successfully deliver SAP Upgrade Assessments and Upgrade Execution. Many of these customers had add-on products, complex custom-developed functionalities implemented in their SAP instances and special requirements like Unicode upgrade.

Experience: ERP Global has experience in version upgrade projects which covered transition from

      • 3.0b to ERP 6.0
      • SAP R/3 products to add-ons upgrade like Solution Manager and BW/BI


SAP Testing Services

In a typical SAP implementation, testing accounts for approximately 15% of the total implementation time, and involves writing test scenarios and testing them with hundreds of transactions. Testing generally requires high level of skills and is vital to creating product solutions that will help organizations meet the needs of a changing business environment. Nevertheless, diverting such skilled resources to a testing function for extended periods creates a vacuum in managing the business. This results in insufficient and inefficient test coverage, which in turn, results in SAP implementations that do not deliver the desired business value.

SAP Test Accelerator
ERP Global's "Test Accelerator for SAP" helps organizations overcome these challenges. It is one of the most comprehensive SAP functional and automated testing solutions designed to improve the performance of your SAP system. The solution has a large repository of reusable test cases classified by processes, and incorporates industry best practices that enhance the efficacy of testing through increased and accurate test coverage.

ERP Global Value Proposition
ERP Global helps customers realize the full potential of their SAP investments through an end-to-end range of SAP testing services based on industry best practices. These services help organizations minimize risks through a consistent and standardized approach to testing that guarantees stability and ensures desired performance levels. By partnering with ERP Global, customers can avail the following guaranteed benefits:

      • 50% reduction in testing efforts
      • 150% increased test coverage, by incorporating best practices across multiple SAP implementation and upgrades
      • 60% reduction in post go-live defects
      • 80% increase in re-usable business process test sets
      • Significant saving in testing efforts through change impact testing, which focuses testing effort on only those business process which are impacted
      • Reduced testing time and increased ROI through ERP Global's Global delivery model for further Comprehensive ROI calculation sheet for the ERP Global Test Accelerator for SAP


SAP Application Management Services


Boosting productivity and ensuring sustained operational and financial improvement in IT operations is a perpetual challenge for small and large organizations. Enterprises face immense challenges including increasing service-level demands and IT budget restraints, in delivering services effectively and achieving a breakthrough in service performance. ERP Global’s SAP Application Management Services (AMS) ensures rapid cost transformation and improvement in operational efficiencies.

ERP Global’s SAP-AMS, which includes production support, maintenance, and enhancement, enables a potential reduction of up to 30% in application spend in the first year and further reduction in the subsequent years through continuous process improvements, tools leverage and efficient capacity planning. The engagement model ensures client’s retention of control over service delivery and helps enterprises maximize the value of their enterprise systems investments by ensuring high availability and rapid response time. ERP Global’s ‘Service Anywhere’ model leverages its network of offshore delivery centers to provide clients high-quality application services at low costs with support in eight languages including Mandarin, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish Portuguese and English.

ERP Global has designed AMS as a scalable and componentized offering to help organizations move towards a Managed Services model at a steady pace. The service encompasses options for SAP service desk with a “Single Call Resolution” mechanism for incoming incidents across applications and technology areas.

Benefits of ERP Global’s SAP-Application Management Services
ERP Global’s SAP-AMS suite provides clients better flexibility, scalability and seamless integration options. The service model predictably extends application management services to incorporate and respond to business dynamics effectively.

ERP Global's SAP-AMS Solution Framework

ERP Global's SAP-AMS promises:

      • Up to 30% reduction in overall support costs depending on the maturity of your current AMS model
      • Shrinkage of incident volumes by 6-9% on a year-on-year basis
      • Predictable cost model
      • Seamless customer experience across service desk and application support
      • Improved process efficiencies and compliance
      • Effective and quick response to changing business dynamics
      • 24/7 end-user support through multi-lingual service desk from a centralized location
      • Integrated and co-ordinated IT services delivery for cycle time reduction and end-to-end issue resolution


ERP Global’s Consumption-based Flexible AMS Delivery Model

Most production support models impose a fixed cost upon IT budgets irrespective of the volume of work delivered or the utilization rate of the production support team. ERP Global’s SAP Application Management Services (AMS) offers enterprises a consumption-based model that is more agile than existing support models. It significantly improves resource utilization and ensures rapid cost structure transformation including a potential reduction of more than 30% in application spend and significant enhancement in operational efficiencies.

ERP Global’s flexible support model creates variability of costs in sync with the organizations’ workload by proactively reacting to its business needs, and charges the customer for the actual amount of service it consumes. This substantially improves utilization of resources and reduces cost. The model also helps create better alignment with business needs with substantial improvements in support and delivery practices and end-user satisfaction levels.

SAP NetWeaver Services


ERP Global offers the following NetWeaver services:

      • Enterprise Service Architecture (ESA) Design and Development
      • Application Integration
      • Application Composition
      • Customized Solution offerings


Enterprise Service Architecture (ESA) Design and Development

Services include designing an ESA through a methodical incremental approach and identifying the components that would form part of the ESA.

Application Integration

Services include application to application integration services by using SAP NetWeaver components such as SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP MDM, SAP Exchange Infrastructure and SAP Composite Application Framework.

Application Composition

ERP GLOBAL provides application composition or development using technologies based on specifications related to Web services security, policy and, Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) for business process interaction and specification of rules and policies across enterprises.

Customized Solution Offerings

We provide customized solutions around the following SAP NetWeaver components:

      • SAP Enterprise Portal
      • SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI)
      • SAP Master Data Management (MDM)
      • SAP Business Warehouse
      • SAP Mobile Infrastructure
      • SAP Web Application Server

SAP Business Objects Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Services


ERP Global has partnered with SAP to help client's best utilize SAP BI as a central datastore for both SAP and non-SAP data. SAP EPM provides a robust platform to integrate GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) and Business Intelligence solutions to help achieve the business performance optimization goals of your organization. Our solutions provide enterprises complete and up-to-date view of the business environment the client operates in and supports it in critical decision making. Clients can leverage ERP Global's considerable experience in implementing data warehousing solutions in integrating data and monitoring data quality leading to better decision making ability including reduction in forecasting errors.

ERP Global provides end-to-end SAP BI services ranging from consulting to global implementations. Enterprises can partner with ERP Global to avail of BI requirements planning, assessment and full lifecycle BI implementations. The assessment phase helps in understanding the cost implications of a BI implementation, compute the return on investment that companies can expect, and assess organizational change requirements.


Value Proposition

ERP Global has developed various tools and accelerators to help customers across the BI project lifecycle including Support Cockpit, Development Quick Start, Upgrade Accelerator, Migration Workbench, and Data Reconciliation Automator among others. These tools reduce development efforts and support cost significantly. Our Business Intelligence Practice provides expertise in diverse tools and technology areas covering OLAP, Analytics, and Performance Management Dashboards. Some of the key benefits offered by ERP Global include:

      • 10-30% reduction in support cost by leveraging 'Support Cockpit'
      • 10-25% reduction in efforts by during the assessment and testing phases by using the Upgrade tool
      • Agile implementation and reduced deployment time through ready to use strategies, proven methodologies and accelerators
      • Total Risk-free Approach for deployment
      • Rapid Requirements gathering process to analyze existing setup
      • Develop prototype solutions without impacting existing or production level systems


SAP Variant Configuration Services


The demanding nature of today's customer is pressurizing manufacturing companies to offer new variants of its products to meet specific customer demands. In order to react quickly to customer requirements and remain competitive in the marketplace more and more manufacturers are offering Engineer-to-Order (ETO) and Make-to-Order (MTO) solutions. This has, however, increased product complexity as also the number of variants for even standard products. ERP Global effectively addresses this critical industry requirement by leveraging SAP's Variant Configurator combined with ERP Global's proven Variant Configurator Implementation & Maintenance methodologies to improve information exchange between demand and sales, production planning, engineering, and production.

Service Offerings

ERP Global's SAP  Variant Configurator services extend across the entire value chain right from scoping to implementation to support as elaborated below:

      • Product configuration feasibility scoping & assessment
      • Product & process consulting
      • Implementation
      • Customer support
      • Reverse engineering-based modeling for existing configurators
      • Reporting

ERP Global Value Proposition

ERP Global aims at providing maximum incentives to companies that are keen to reduce inquiry-to-order cycles, increase order accuracy, shorten quote times, lower engineering costs, improve manufacturing efficiency, and drive top line and bottom line growth. The following three-point approach delivers a compelling value proposition:

ROI driven solution

      • Business objectives setting for improvement roadmap.

Risk mitigation

      • Complimentary proof-of-concept that demonstrates the efficacy of solutions well before the implementation
      • Effective change management through a structured program to ensure high utilization by the end-users in Engineering, Sales, Manufacturing, and Planning.

Fast-track implementation: Speedtovaluemethodology leads to rollout in 10–12 weeks* by leveraging:

      • Proven industry-specific templates
      • Solution accelerators across all phases of the implementation life cycle
      • User-friendly programs/plug-ins for repetitive creation of master data and related set ups


Business Benefits*

ERP Global leverages  Variant Configurator to help MTO, ETO organizations determine the technical feasibility, price, and lead time for delivery of a variant. By engaging with ERP GLOBAL, organizations can reduce delivery lead time for custom products using deep integration of product configuration through sales front office, back office, engineering, some key benefits are listed below:

      • Up to 2-3 % improvement in operating margin
      • Up to 80% improvement in the quote and order accuracy
      • 15% increase in the quote-to-order conversion rates
      • 40-50% reduction in Engineering work requests
      • 10-12% reduction in inquiry-to-order cycles
      • - 8% improvement in delivery times

(* Potential benefits will be analyzed case by case)


ERP Global offers a comprehensive range of Oracle implementation services like Oracle application development, Oracle testing and Oracle reporting across the Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. We have executed over 250 Oracle projects over the last decade for customers across industry verticals like manufacturing, retail, distribution, banking, financial services, insurance, communications, telecom, hi-tech, travel, life sciences. We offer a complete range of services from ERP assessment, enhancements, and customization to global rollouts and multi-year application support supported by strong domain and functional consulting support. Several Fortune 500 clients have been leveraging out Integrated Technology and Operations  delivery model to gain year on year TCO reduction, align IT infrastructure with business processes, and continuously improve service delivery.

ERP Global Oracle Service Offerings and Capabilities

Oracle Implementation / Rollout Services

Rapidly growing organizations or enterprises that want to migrate from legacy systems to Oracle proven ERP systems can avail ERP Global’s expertise to implement or rollout ERP across businesses and geographies. We deliver the following services as part of our implementation / rollout services:

      • Pre-Implementation Assessment
      • Core Implementation
      • Re-Implementations, Consolidations
      • Third party product integration, Mobile solutions, RFID
      • Global Roll-outs

ERP Global’s implementation methodology focuses on all aspects of an enterprise wide IT system. Based on the size, diversity and geographical reach of the organization, the implementation may start with global process definition and design and then focus on the pilot implementation. The implementation process engineers enterprise processes based on Oracle best practices. This approach helps the organization design the rollout strategy for subsequent sites.

Key activities offered by ERP Global as part of Implementation include:

      • Business Process Re-engineering
      • Implementation of the core modules of Oracle Applications R12:
      • Data conversion – Relevant Data will be identified, extracted, cleaned and migrated to the new environment
      • DBA Support during installation phase only
      • Training of core team under “Train-The-Trainer” approach during CRP (Conference Room Pilot)
      • Generation of Project Documentations as per AIM © Oracle Corporation methodology
      • Customization of the applications / forms / reports etc.
      • Interfaces with third party applications


Why Choose ERP Global

ERP Global offers a suite of services to assess current Oracle implementations and manage migrations and upgrades in order to ensure that clients gain maximum value from their Oracle Applications investments. ERP Global can also handle “bolt-on” application development when specialized needs call for custom applications.

Assessment Services

      • Oracle implementation and product upgrades feasibility studies
      • Customization reduction feasibility studies
      • Reporting solutions assessment studies
      • Feasibility assessment of migrating from other ERPs to Oracle E-Business Suite

Bolt-On Application Development Services

      • Implementation of end-to-end add-on or subset functionality specific to business requirements
      • Creation of custom applications as sub-modules


Oracle Upgrade Services (E-Business Suite)


Oracle Corporation has published de-supports notice for all the previous versions of Oracle applications. This makes it imperative for Oracle system users to migrate to the latest version and avail the benefits of Oracle’s application support services. Enterprises are, however, concerned about issues like system stability and performance tuning, costs, downtime risks, etc that are normally associated with system upgrades and enhancements.

Enterprises partnering with ERP Global can rest assured, as we have a proven record of helping Fortune 500 companies upgrade and manage their enterprise applications with increased productivity and optimized ROI. Our extensive global delivery experience enables ERP Global to mitERP Global risks, deliver faster returns and reduce total cost of ownership of strategic IT initiatives.

ERP Global serves Oracle Applications clients across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, automotive, electronics, consumer goods providers, banking and financial services, and insurance. Customizing and extending Oracle applications forms an important segment of our Oracle center of excellence. Our Oracle Application CoE has been engaged in research and development in Oracle application upgrade areas and has developed in-house tools, accelerators, technical roadmaps and an in-depth knowledge repository in order to provide our clients best in class solutions.

Why choose ERP Global

ERP Global offers exhaustive upgrade and migration services to help clients upgrade from lower versions of Oracle E-Business Suite to the latest versions or platform migrations. The services offered include:

      • Pre-Upgrade Assessments
      • Version Upgrades (e.g. 10.7, 11.0.3, 11.5.x to R12)
      • Platform Migrations (e.g. Solaris to Red Hat Linux)
      • Applications / ERP Migrations (e.g. SAP / PeopleSoft / Legacy to Oracle)
      • Customizations Assessment
      • Business Process Improvement
      • Tools assisted Rapid Cycle Upgrades
      • In-House Tools, Accelerators, Knowledgebase and Roadmaps

ERP Global has developed in-house tools, knowledge base and roadmaps for ensuring easier and smooth upgrades. We have an integrated network of development facilities across India, complemented by onsite, offsite and near-shore capabilities in major international markets. Along with accelerators and templates, our methodology reduces the time spend on configuration and development activities. Key value proposition offered by ERP Global include:

      • Use of proven tools and knowledge base that can reduce upgrade cycle time by 30%
      • Upgrade experience across Operating System platforms and node configurations
      • All combinations of upgrades from any version to the latest product
      • Focus on business process improvement
      • Close touch with business functional users
      • Not just a technical upgrade - almost a re-implementation rigor of execution
      • Reduction of customizations
      • Process performance improvements
      • Leverage of new product features and capabilities
      • Proven successful onsite offshore project model
      • Full spectrum service – supported by OraApps DBA CoE with OCP certification
      • Experience in upgrades of macro global instances like SSS ( 173 orgs, 11 Business groups, 12 languages on a single instance
      • Rich experience in partnership with Oracle Consulting
      • Support from offshore based Global Support Center & PMO


Oracle Testing Services


In a typical EBS (Enterprise Business Suite) implementation, testing consumes approximately 20 percent of the total implementation time and involves writing test scenarios and testing them with hundreds of transactions. In addition, most of the testing requires high level of skill in terms of understanding the business requirement and understanding the EBS landscape. Such skilled resources are also vital for creating product solutions that will help organizations meet the needs of a changing business environment. Diverting such skilled resources to a testing function for extended periods creates a vacuum in managing the business. This results in insufficient and inefficient test coverage, which in turn, results in an EBS implementation that does not deliver the desired business value.

ERP Global's "Test Accelerator for EBS" helps organizations overcome these challenges. It is one of the most comprehensive EBS functional and automated testing solutions designed to improve the performance of your EBS system. The solution has a large repository of reusable test cases classified by processes. It incorporates best practices honed by us during the course of successfully implementing the solution for various global fortune 2000 enterprises over the years. These best practices enhance the efficacy of testing through increased and accurate test coverage. ERP Global's Test Accelerator helps customer optimize investment in HP tools and achieve better RoI.

ERP Global has a ready library of business processes and test cases, which enterprises can leverage to accelerate the overall test process. Keeping in mind the varied testing requirements of different industry verticals, we have developed customized test suites for each sector. The test scenarios in the library are version dependent and are upgraded as Oracle launches newer versions in the market. Some of the key features of the solution are listed below:

      • Repository of Functional test cases for typical business critical process like Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Demand to Supply Management, Human Resources & Portals
      • Covers domain area specific tests as a part of industry solutions (Manufacturing & Consumer Goods, Retail, Pharmaceutical)
      • Geography-specific test scenarios and cases (North America, Europe, Asia Pac, Japan, etc) e.g. Withholding tax in Japan, Italy, USA, etc; Electronic media for payment in Germany, France, Hong Kong, USA, etc; Sales and Use tax in the USA.
      • Automated end-to-end business process testing framework for EBS implementation, upgrade, service pack & regression testing
      • Facilitates and accelerates change impact testing for understanding the impact of service packs on the EBS environment on specific business processes
      • Benefits of ERP Global's "Test Accelerator for EBS"


Why Choose ERP Global

ERP Global's test accelerator considerably reduces testing time. Customers can realize the full potential of their EBS investments by leveraging ERP Global 's range of end-to-end EBS testing services based on industry best practices honed through years of industry experience. These services help organizations minimize risks by adopting a consistent and standardized approach to testing that guarantees stability and ensures desired performance levels. Key benefits enterprises stand to gain include:

      • 50% reduction in testing efforts
      • 150% increased test coverage
      • 60% reduction in post go-live defects due to effective and efficient testing
      • 80% increase in re-usable business process test sets
      • Significant saving in testing efforts through change impact testing that helps focus testing
      • effort on only those business process which are impacted
      • Reduced time and increased ROI through ERP Global's global delivery model
      • Comprehensive ROI calculation sheet for the ERP Global Test Accelerator for EBS
      • Seamless integration with HP toolset (QTP and Quality center)
      • Increased ROI from investment in HP tools


Oracle Application Management Services


ERP Global has developed considerable expertise in implementing, maintaining, and supporting Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards applications to help customers gain significant cost savings and enhance service quality. Enterprises can leverage ERP Global's proven best practices and mature processes to optimize applications, maximize resource utilization, improve efficiencies, and continuously improve processes. Our proven delivery model significantly reduces application maintenance and management costs by consolidating, standardizing and optimizing business processes and eliminating operational redundancies. By partnering with us, companies can focus on revenue generating activities without being constrained by IT challenges.

ERP Global leverages industry-wide best practices to ensure smooth and risk-free transition of people, processes, and technology. We offer flexible, cost-effective application support services, engineered to deflect service expectation mismatch, help clients move towards defining budgets based on actual demand, and focus on driving bottom line improvements. The scope of ERP Global’s application support services includes 24x7 on-call support for severity 1 tickets. Clearly defined service level agreements and tools for measurement and reporting provide for continual service level improvements result in enhanced service quality and reduction in cost. A proven risk management program limits disruption to business by focusing on possible concern areas like information security, process knowledge retention, high transition costs, cultural factors, and staff turnover, and charts a roadmap to mitERP Global the same.

Why Choose ERP Global

ERP Global's application coverage extends across multiple versions of Oracle ERP and covers a range of applications. By partnering with us, organizations can access highly experienced global resources, maximize system uptime and delivery continuity, and reduce critical incidents.

      • Guaranteed reduction of 20% - 40% in support costs
      • Optimized capacity and enhanced service delivery
      • Committed service levels with assured year-on-year improvements
      • Improved FCR, TAT, CSAT
      • On-boarding to Steady State within 6-8 weeks including knowledge and responsibility transition phase
      • Measurable environment through proper workflow management to provide transparency into project progress and effectiveness
      • Lean operations to streamline project delivery and shrink time-to-market


Shared Services for Oracle Application Support


Evolving consumer demand and competitive pressures have put small and medium businesses (SMB) in a quandary over how to improve existing service standards and at the same time reduce application maintenance and management costs. ERP Global's 'Shared Services for Oracle Application Support' offers an array of flexible support plans and innovative pricing options to sustain and optimize Oracle E-business Suite installations of SMBs that are hard-pressed for funds or plagued by manpower shortages. Aligned with our proprietary delivery methodology, which combines best practice recommendations by ITIL, CoBIT, ASL, and CMMi for production support, and maintenance, ERP Global addresses the needs of SMBs by consolidating, standardizing and optimizing business processes and eliminating operational redundancies.

ERP Global's Shared Service offering for Oracle E-Business Suite includes:

      • Break-fix
      • How-to Advice
      • Functional & Technical Support
      • Operations & End user Support
      • DBA Support
      • Change Request Management
      • Release & Configuration Management


Benefits of this Service

ERP Global's 'Shared Services for Oracle Application Support' provides companies significant cost savings by optimizing applications, rationalizing resources, improving efficiency by leveraging best practices and ERP Global's mature processes, and through continuous process improvement. The service model helps companies focus on core business activities and achieve economies of scale without being intimidated or constrained by IT challenges. ERP Global's 'Shared Services for Oracle Application Support' promises:

      • Immediate reduction of 30-45% in support costs
      • Additional savings of 5-8 percent spread across the contract duration
      • Committed service levels with assured year-on-year improvements
      • Outcome-based SLA-driven model


Oracle Transportation Management

The economic uncertainty and a resultant decline in consumer spending have compelled global enterprises to restructure sourcing strategies and shift to leaner and cost-effective delivery modes. Enterprises desirous of operating profitably in such an environment need to be equipped with the ability and agility to effectively manage transportation costs and shift operations flexibly between geographies. A Transportation Management Solution (TMS) offers enterprises greater visibility into the supply chain with robust transportation planning and execution capabilities.

ERP Global has developed customized solutions and services around Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) solution by leveraging its deep understanding and expertise in the transportation and logistics space. The key services offered by ERP Global include:

      • Logistics Advisory Services - helps enterprises identify functional gaps and gain greater visibility into business processes by determining the finer operational, procedural, workflow, and compliance related requirements
      • OTM Lifecycle Services - optimizes performance across all phases of the OTM lifecycle including implementation, maintenance, and enhancements
      • OTM Extension Services – provides peripherals services for effective decision making like integration with third-party vendor products, full-fledged mobility enablement, and reporting tools for effective decision making


Cumulatively, these service offerings arm enterprises with the required agility to rapidly respond to changes in the marketplace and gain a competitive edge over rivals.

Benefits of ERP Global's OTM

ERP Global's OTM-based TMS offerings promise enterprises an adaptive and rapid implementation of a cost effective transportation management solution. It comprehensively meets the demands of the management by building a sustainable supply chain that promises optimization, adaptability, and profitability. A dedicated Transportation and Logistics innovation hub also focuses on solution accelerators like re-usable assets, tools, methodologies, and development of effective solutions that aid in achieving high productivity and ensuring better ROI. ERP Global's OTM-based TMS offering promises:

      • Ease of access to information through interactive web portals
      • Alerts, access to information and capture of key events through mobile devices
      • Agility of the IT solutions to adapt to changes in business processes and workflows
      • Easy configurability and connectivity to disparate systems of customers and vendors
      • Comprehensive coverage of the business requirements across all stakeholders and geography
      • Up-to-date information on Local/International regulations, and documentation requirements
      • Early identification of the exception and special scenarios