A highly competitive global business environment has forced companies to respond rapidly to changing business demands – the effects of which ripple across entire ecosystems of customers, partners and suppliers. To manage change with increased agility, companies are looking for new ways to optimize their supply chain by driving down costs, reducing inventories, and compressing cycle times in supply and distribution processes. A robust Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution can enable rapid responses to change across the extended enterprise by optimizing the flow of goods, services, and information among internal and external business partners. A successful supply chain management implementation can establish true collaboration between all partners.

We have years of experience in building and implementing end-to-end supply chain solutions from leading ERP vendors and vertical application providers. Our supply chain management consulting solutions seamlessly integrate supply chain operations with diverse shop-floor applications and provide real-time integration with back-office ERP applications. Through our supply chain management implementation practice, we have helped many clients fine tune supply with demand.

We have cultivated deep ERP expertise in applications from leading vendors such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards. We focus on integrating these packaged solutions via the Web to build real-time collaborative frameworks that connect clients with their suppliers and partners.

Proven Supply Chain Management Implementation Expertise

Numerous leading global corporations have tapped our supply chain inventory management implementation expertise to create solutions across a variety of industry platforms. Our supply chain inventory management implementation solutions have been market-proven in large manufacturing organizations, characterized by disparate, heterogeneous execution and planning systems. For these and other companies, we have enhanced the functionality of previously implemented solutions, extracting new value from previous investments.

Our supply chain management consulting spans a broad range of application areas, including:

      • Evaluation & Implementation
      • Post-implementation
      • Maintenance
      • Reporting
      • Integration
      • Data Migration and Upgrade


Supply Chain Management Implementation

ERP Global's supply chain management implementation expertise reaches across many different manufacturing sub verticals including high-tech electronics, consumer Packaged goods, pharmaceuticals and automotive. This broad and deep domain expertise provides the foundation for architecting and integrating client solutions.

ERP Global offers solutions in the following application areas:

        • Demand planning and execution
        • Supply planning and execution including detailed manufacturing scheduling
        • Vendor-managed inventory
        • Supply chain consolidation and rationalization for clients with legacy,
        • stand-alone SCM processes and systems
        • Extending the supply chain to include planning for external partners in sales and procurement functions
        • OLTP system design and interface with SCM applications
        • Enhancements to existing SCM applications to improve individual planning functions


Our consulting team has extensive industry and supply chain management implementation experience. The company has delivered benefits to many customers including continuous improvement initiatives using supply chain process reference model like SCOR - Supply-Chain Operations Reference. Additionally, ERP Global also has expertise in SCM package solutions like:

      • SAP's Advance Planner & Optimizer (APO)
        • Demand planning
        • Supply network planning
        • Production planning and detailed scheduling
        • Global Available to Promise (GATP)
        • Transportation planning and scheduling
        • Supply Network Collaboration.
      • Oracle Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS)


Our methodologies effectively leverage a global delivery model for crucial components of the Supply chain management implementation and support cycle. ERP Global uses proven project delivery processes to control costs and accelerate turnaround time for supply chain management implementation and support engagements.

      • ERP Global has a proven performance record delivering Supply chain management implementation solutions to Fortune 500 clients with a broad range of requirements. Here are some examples:
      • ERP Global has carried out product implementation and enhancement as well as production support for existing supply chain management implementations at a large number of customer sites.
      • ERP Global delivered Vendor Management Inventory solutions to a large European consumer products company on the SAP APO platform. ERP Global has also been involved in enhancing existing functionality to provide Supply Chain Analysts with an SNP dashboard. This has helped manage replenishments prior to further processing by the OLTP system.
      • For Distribution applications, ERP Global developed common data transfer models that can be shared by an organization and its channel partners, using SAP BIW as a central data hub.
      • For a European Fortune 500 company with global manufacturing and distribution operations, ERP Global designed and implemented solutions to extend the existing SCM APO implementation. This enabled the client to implement backward integration of business processes by integrating globally located OEM vendors into the capacity planning and global deployment processes.
      • For a large European client, ERP Global integrated SAP OLTP with Manugistics for demand and supply planning processes. ERP Global also enhanced and maintained the interface to meet upgrade and regular support requirements


Supply Chain Management Implementation Services


ERP Global's service offerings span the full spectrum of the supply chain lifecycle. These offerings range from evaluation and implementation of supply chain solution frameworks to post-implementation and integration of these frameworks with other back-end enterprise applications.

ERP Global offers the following services for developing solutions based on ERP packages:

      • Evaluation and Supply Chain Management Implementation
      • Post- Supply Chain Management Implementation
      • Data migration and upgrade


Evaluation and Supply Chain Management Implementation Services

ERP Global's services feature end-to-end Supply chain management implementation solutions. Our project planning and execution methodology leverages the right resources with the correct balance of skills and locational availability, to achieve speedier implementations.

ERP Global's evaluation and supply chain management implementation services include:

      • Mapping business processes into existing legacy/ERP systems
      • Integrating ERP with SCM for transferring master data, incremental data and transaction data
      • Implementation and rollout services for the following modules of SAP SCM:
        • Demand planning
        • Supply network planning
        • Production planning and detailed scheduling
        • Global Available to Promise (GATP)
        • Transportation planning and scheduling
        • Supply Network Collaboration


Post-Supply Chain Management Implementation Services

ERP Global's post-Supply Chain Management implementation services include:

      • Maintenance
      • Reporting
      • Integration


ERP Global provides ongoing support and maintenance for installed Supply chain management solutions from ERP vendors and third party providers. ERP Global offers 24x7 coverage on an SLA framework. The application maintenance-specific methodology focuses on service levels and key performance indicators to deliver expected and acceptable support.

ERP Global’s strong production-support metrics data management enables root cause analysis for application support requirements. It also helps reduce call volumes and user problems over a 6 to 12 month period.

With demonstrated expertise in the planning and execution of projects to enhance existing SCM implementations, ERP Global provides implementation of many planning processes, as well as OLAP reporting for business analysis and decision support. ERP Global offers technical support for maintenance of SCM interface, reporting, and analysis.

ERP Global's solutions integrate existing ERP systems with SCM applications. ERP Global has been instrumental in building and maintaining interfaces of various SCM products such as i2 and Manugistics. Our interface monitoring and analysis tools help to provide suitable alerts for analysis and corrective action by users.

ERP Global delivers seamless integration of third-party SCM products to the ERP backbone, including:

      • Integration of SCM products to MES and other shop floor systems
      • Technical support for maintenance of SCM Interface, reporting, analysis
      • Enhancing the scope of SCM implementations for forward/back stream integration of planning processes

To ensure successful operational execution, ERP Global provides post-supply chain management implementation user training and process orientation, while applying legal changes and enhancements, and fixing existing application errors.

Data Migration and Upgrade Services
ERP Global's comprehensive migration and upgrade services include upgrades to a current SCM package version or migration from one package version to another. We also provide:

      • Testing/Verification and Validation services for rollouts and add-on functionality with respect to vendor collaboration extranets
      • Master Data uploads including data upload management for current and historical analysis, and data harmonization and upload from other sources