Top line growth, reducing operational cost, increasing customer satisfaction and effective use of information for competitive differentiation are the top business priorities for the CEOs today. It is thus no surprise that the CIO's focus is surely shifting from techno-centric IT to Business-centric IT. To facilitate this journey, ERP Global brings together key IT consulting services that address aspects of reducing cost, increasing agility and enabling transformation. Our consulting offerings are based on an analytical approach to understand the business problems, resulting in practical recommendation and actionable plans. Our value proposition is based on a confluence of business knowledge, deep hands-on technology skills and a focused approach through the use of in-house methodologies, frameworks and tools.

Our key IT Consulting service offerings include:

      • IT Transformation
      • Strategic Cost Transformation
      • Process Consulting Services
      • Enterprise Architecture Services
      • Model-based Software Process Improvement
      • Focused Process Solutions
      • Six Sigma Consulting Services
      • Quality Management
      • Customized Solutions
      • ITIL Process Services
      • Social & Collaborative Process Knowledge Management
      • Organization Change Management



IT Transformation

Businesses across the globe are facing dynamic market and financial conditions, which are changing at a rapid pace not seen before. This has resulted in CIOs facing challenges like:

      • Aligning their IT systems to business goals, to be able to adapt effectively to meet the dynamic business demands.
      • Ensuring an agile, streamlined, and flexible IT infrastructure.
      • Upgrading their IS Organization's role from an 'IT support services provider' to a business enabler

Organizations that are saddled with loosely integrated, complex IT systems have to, however, transform their IT Services (IS) Organization itself to ensure that IT improves operating efficiencies, reduces operating costs, ensures regulatory compliance and business agility, helps business growth, and enhances business value.

How ERP Global can help You you

ERP Global helps enterprises transform their IT landscape by streamlining the IT processes, rationalizing the existing technology base; and enabling them to take advantage of modern, business-friendly technologies guided by a best-in-class governance structure to better align the IT system to the needs of the business.

ERP Global's IT Transformation Services

ERP Global's expertise extends across the entire gamut of the IT transformation landscape right from assessing the organizational maturity to developing a transformation strategy and ensuring successful execution of the program.

ERP Global's service offerings can be broadly categorized into two areas:

IT Transformation Assessment: Leveraging its 'IS Organization Maturity Model' and 'Discovery Process', ERP Global assesses the capability maturity of an enterprise's IS Organization and creates an IT Transformation roadmap, identifying various transformational focus areas and providing recommendations to optimize the IT infrastructure and make it more efficient and adaptable. Some key areas for transformation include Infrastructure Transformation, Application Transformation, Business Process Transformation, IT Process Transformation, and Sourcing Transformation.

Program Management & Governance: ERP Global takes on end-to-end responsibility for ensuring the success of the transformation program, leveraging its proven governance capabilities.

Advantage ERP Global

      • ERP Global leverages its deep domain knowledge of multiple industry verticals, vast technology expertise, and proven experience in providing IT Services to more than 400 Fortune 1000 companies over a span of three decades, to ensure comprehensive, effective and value-driven  IT Transformation for its clients.
      • Our suite of Transformation methodologies, processes, tools, and accelerators facilitates the client's transformational program, thereby speeding time-to-market and ensuring optimal cost benefits.
      • Our IT Transformation services will enable an enterprise's IS Organization to evolve into an 'innovative business partner' that can foresee business changes and provide analytics that enable the business to take more informed decisions


Strategic Cost Transformation


Given the current global economic climate, IT budgets are monitored closely and are under a lot of scrutiny. CFOs need justifications for the IT spend, that CIOs see as obvious and crucial for the Business As Usual. With the role of IT becoming more imperative and business-enabling than before, CIOs will need to rightfully communicating the value of IT to business and also realign IT spend as per changing business priorities.

ERP Global's Strategic Cost Optimization allows organizations to gain transparency into  IT cost enabling them to make informed decisions about IT cost reductions as well as new investments. The  program  engages multiple cost levers and is effectively designed to help clients transform their current IT cost structure to deliver immediate impact. The framework is structured on the  basic  premise that ‘cost optimization’ can be achieved by tackling key cost parameters in a business through a two-pronged approach, namely ‘optimization of IT costs’ and ‘optimization of business costs through IT initiatives’. Based on the requirements, ERP Global adopts either the IT-centric or Business-centric  approach  for  cost  optimization.  This enables  our  clients to harness  and  communicate the value of IT and  its  contribution to the business  with  greater  effectiveness,  thus creating a  strong partnership  between business & IT.

Strategic Cost Optimization Features

      • Structured and Comprehensive approach to Cost Transformation
      • Aligns IT Costs with Organization’s Strategies
      • Upfront Investment in client’s Cost Transformation initiatives

Program Approach

      • Discover the current IT & Business Cost Structure
      • Analyze the spending of Business & IT Services
      • Create Cost Optimization Roadmap

Program Benefits

      • Improved Cost Transparency
      • Long-term & Sustainable Cost Reduction
      • Improved Financial Governance
      • Committed Cost-Savings


Process Consulting Services


ERP Global has trained and helped several major global organizations to implement process frameworks, improving business performance through increased productivity and reduced cycle times. Our Business Process Consulting Practice (PCP) leverages our in-depth expertise in process, people, and technology and our deep domain knowledge, gained through internal process improvement initiatives.

We offer:

      • Strong expertise gained over the years, through delivery of 3500+ software projects across different technologies and platforms
      • Effective process solutions from practitioners of established Quality frameworks
      • Track record of providing returns on investments through effective implementation


ERP Global's Business Process Consulting Practice works closely with clients to assist in the definition and introduction of rapid, optimized processes tailored for specific business needs. We work with client organizations through ongoing training, mentoring, and management assistance to ensure successful introduction of new methods – and achieve the best possible results.  

We offer the following end-to-end Process Consulting services:

      • Process Diagnostics
      • Model-based Process Improvement
      • Focused Process Solutions
      • Six Sigma Methodology
      • Quality Management & Training
      • Customized Solutions
      • ITIL Process Services

Process improvement is a way to business excellence. Process quality can be determined by Process-specific metrics and Process Maturity. A good process framework helps improve business performance through increased productivity and reduced cycle times and helps deliver high quality products.

ERP Global's Process Consulting Practice (PCP) offers customers a complete range of process improvement related solutions that covers the best of process/quality models and applied proven methodology and practices. PCP facilitates organizations to move to new levels of business excellence through incremental process improvements that are either benchmarked against established models (ISO/CMM/Prince2) or focused on specific process areas of improvement. Incremental and breakthrough process improvements have been achieved through our Six Sigma practice. Our experience with RUP and Agile can be well leveraged to benefit the client's organization.

ERP Global has provided Process Consultancy to Fortune 500 clients across industry segments. Deploying domain experts having relevant experience, we provide practical solutions with maximum offshore leverage impacting the top/bottom lines directly. Our knowledge management system helps our consultants to leverage the tacit knowledge and provide the best solution.


ERP Global's Process Consulting services are always aimed at exceeding clients' expectations. Our methodology adopts a collaborative approach with client's practitioners for successful implementation. We have developed robust methodologies that allow us to get projects underway rapidly and produce high-quality results using a predictable low-risk approach. We also ensure smooth knowledge transfer to the client's core team to ensure continual process improvements.
The overall methodology for any of ERP Global’s Process Consulting assignments is illustrated below.

Irrespective of the 'Model' or 'Focused Process' based approach to Process Consulting, the project undergoes the following phases:

      • Process Scoping
      • Process Definition
      • Process Institutionalization
      • Process Validation
      • Process Diagnostics


Process Scoping

ERP Global consultants interact with the client through structured questionnaires, interviews and meetings, and identify their requirements to determine the scope of the process. Scoping is also based on the priority of areas requiring improvement and the related action plan. To achieve enterprise-wide process improvement initiatives, we initiate with diagnostic studies and gap analysis.

Process Definition

The next phase comprises definition of processes or enhancing the client’s existing processes. This is supplemented with concurrent process training for client’s practitioners involved in the definition activity. This phase ends with piloting the defined processes before rolling them out for organizational use.

Process Institutionalization

In this phase, the defined processes are implemented after successful pilot completion. ERP Global imparts training on the new processes to the client’s users and also ensures compliance of the new processes through process audits and interim assessments.

Process Validation

In this phase, our consultants ensure that the institutionalized processes are stabilized and help in validation of the process improvement through assessments or independent third-party audits.

Process Diagnostics

ERP Global diagnoses the existing processes in an organization and develops a road map for Process improvement. We adopt a high-level methodical approach to explore process improvement areas and recommend a suitable solution (model based/non-model based) to achieve process improvements.


Enterprise Architecture Services


Enterprise Architecture plays an important role in facilitating organization vision through governing and structuring the business-IT blueprint across the defined enterprises of an organization, enabling boundary-less communication within its value chain.

Enterprise Architecture adds value by accelerating strategic decision-making at the corporate level. It also facilitates implementation of strategic business decision-making at the operational level and helps improve speed-to-market at an effective cost.

In today's complex and dynamic market, CXOs face many common enterprise- level challenges such as:

      • Developing programs to govern  and generate a common platform between the business and IT community
      • Integrating multiple business functions of varying business lines within an organization or across organizations
      • Making strategic decisions and developing an organization roadmap for growth, either through consolidation or decentralization to attain elasticity, resilience and flexibility
      • Executing large enterprise programs to address common industry problems faced by organizations, such as Enterprise Architecture governance, Enterprise Data governance, Master Data Management, Enterprise Content Management


How ERP Global can help You You

ERP Global's Research & Innovation function has a dedicated Enterprise Architecture Practice comprising certified senior Enterprise and Technology architects, who have expertise on various industry domains and standard frameworks.  These senior Enterprise Architects at ERP Global have developed a ‘Just Enough Enterprise Architecture (JEEA)’ framework exclusively for ERP Global customers. During the initial phase of JEEA we assess the customer’s Enterprise Architecture maturity based on the JEEA maturity model, and driven by this we define a suitable  Enterprise Architecture adoption strategy for phased implementation in the  organization.

ERP Global Advantage

Our Enterprise Architecture Practice provides a strong foundation for managing an Enterprise Architecture program for our customers, through a host of advantages:

Strong team of certified Enterprise Architects: This team consults with our customers on their Enterprise Architecture initiatives.

Rapid adoption of Enterprise Architecture: ERP Global's proprietary 'Just Enough Enterprise Architecture Framework (JEEA)' enables faster adoption of Enterprise Architecture in a phased-manner based on the maturity of the organization in the Enterprise Architecture space.

Home grown solution frameworks: The Practice has developed various solution frameworks and tools based on industry standards, with a view to support our customers in:

      • Enterprise Architecture adoption strategy for business-IT alignment
      • Standardization and cost transformation
      • Application portfolio rationalization


Track Record for Client Success

ERP Global has rich experience in consulting our customers in the area of Enterprise Architecture Services.

You can get in touch with the ERP Global Enterprise Architecture Practice at ea@ERP for any specific query with respect to your organization.


Model-based Software Process Improvement


ERP Global offers model-based process improvement services based on industry-proven practices. We facilitate our clients' process improvement through a well-defined methodology that involves:

      • Gap Analysis
      • Process Definition
      • Deployment Facilitation
      • Interim Assessment/Internal Audits
      • Other Services (Training, Research Document _ ISO/CMM/CMMi/Six Sigma/Integrated, Software Process improvement and Automation).
      • Final assessment (Our business partners are lead assessors/auditors certified by competent authorities)


Focused Process Solutions


ERP Global offers Focused Process Consultancy services that identify strengths and improvement opportunities of targeted processes, and prioritize improvement areas in terms of criticality to quality, costs, and productivity. We provide our clients with a range of consultancy services across the following diverse areas:

      • Application Development Methodologies (Analysis/Design/Coding/Testing)
      • Requirements Development/Management
      • Software Project Management
      • Configuration Management
      • Sizing, Metrics & Productivity
      • Verification & Validation
      • Knowledge Management


Six Sigma Consulting Services


ERP Global's Six Sigma Consulting services are based on the Six Sigma methodologies for process improvement. These services are aimed at improving client’s quality management processes and its returns on investment by reducing operational costs.

Our Six Sigma certified practitioners enable the transfer of critical knowledge and skills to the client organization, to build lasting improvements in the dynamic business environment. ERP Global facilitates optimization of process areas using Six Sigma methodology (DMAIC/DMADV). This is a proven approach that uses a comprehensive set of tools and techniques to achieve process improvements.

Our portfolio of Six Sigma Consulting services include:

      • Performance Improvement
      • Process Improvement
      • People Development


Quality Management


In order to help clients meet the stringent quality control and management challenges faced across industries, ERP Global offers unique quality management services to improve and maintain a high level of quality. We leverage our offshore capability to ensure maximum cost-benefit to our clients.

Some select services we offer:

      • Process implementation through quality facilitation
      • Maintenance Services through Software Engineering Process Group, Software Configuration Management Group and Software Quality Assurance Group, Defect revention Representatives and Project Management Office
      • Independent Verification & Validation Services
      • ocuments Review (Process documents, Life cycle descriptions and Project work products)
      • Metrics Analysis
      • Dashboard Services
      • Consultancy on:
      • Agile software development methodologies
      • Rational Unified processes
      • Prince 2


Customized Solutions


ERP Global offers the following customized solutions for Process Improvement, depending on a client-organization's needs. Some of ERP Global's customized solutions:

Hybrid Solutions: This provides an integrated approach to process improvement using the best-of-quality models, namely CMM/CMMi/ISO/Six Sigma, and best practices in the industry.

Transition Solutions: This involves leveraging the full benefit of the existing process framework and integrating it with higher process maturity solutions, e.g., Transition from ISO to CMM/CMMi framework.

Process Automation: Process improvement solutions here include identifying the right automation tools, tool customization, tool development, tool deployment, and related process customization. The automation solutions address requirements of the gamut of Project Management and Software Engineering activity.


ITIL Process Services


In today's scenario of increasing reliance on IT systems for achieving business goals, CIOs face challenges in providing cost-effective IT services, and in providing timely inputs for new and improved service offerings to businesses. With decreasing IT budgets, increasingly stringent service levels, and regulatory compliance requirements, the task becomes more challenging.

Over the years Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has been providing a way to overcome these key challenges faced by CIOs. ITIL is a set of concepts and techniques for managing information technology (IT) infrastructure, development, and operations and gives a detailed description of a number of important IT practices with comprehensive checklists, tasks, and procedures that can be tailored to any IT organization.

With over 15,000 companies across the globe having adopted ITIL for reducing IT service costs and providing key inputs for business growth, a recent study reported 97% organizations deriving benefits from its implementation. An FMCG MNC claims to have saved over 6% in operating costs in one department as a result of its ITIL initiative. The challenge now lies in identifying the right approach for ITIL implementation and using it for continuous improvement in IT services for sustainable business growth.

ERP Global's Process Consulting Practice (PCP) 'ITIL Process Services' helps IT organizations in identifying the right approach for ITIL implementation and using it for continuous improvement in IT services for sustainable business growth. These services facilitate customers in delivering quality IT services by managing 'information', the key strategic resource for an organization.

ERP Global leverages the experience, expertise and knowledge gained through successful implementation of ITIL v2, ITIL v3, CoBiT, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, CMMi and other industry recognized best practices for its customers, internally and externally.

ERP Global's 'ITIL Process Services' provides an extra edge through Improved service quality, cost advantage, and proactive IT management for delivering value-based IT services. The customizable service offering consists of:

      • Rigorous Process Assessment
      • Articulation of Processes & their Validation
      • Optimized Process Implementation
      • Effective Process Management & Maintenance
      • Comprehensive ITIL Competence Development

The key benefits derived by customers using ERP Global's 'ITIL Process Services' are:

      • Greater alignment of IT services, processes and goals with business requirements, expectations and goals
      • Improved business profitability and productivity
      • Reduction in overall management and support costs leading to a reduced TCO
      • Improved service availability and performance, leading to increased business revenue
      • Improved service levels and quality of service


Social & Collabrative Knowledge Process Management


Crucial organizational objectives like gaining competitive advantage, encouraging a culture of innovation and creativity, enabling collaboration and shared learning have significantly increased enterprise focus on enterprise 2.0, social technologies and collaboration or what we like to call Social & Collaborative Proces Knowledge Management. Nevertheless, many organizations are implementing the solutions without clearly understanding the interlinked spaces. Various concepts like: ‘tacit knowledge’ (which is difficult to codify and transfer to others), social networks & ‘social knowledge’ (what everybody knows or think they know); and issues like: organizational behavior, security, compliance, trust, confidentiality, and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR); further complicate the situation.  

ERP Global's Offering

Through our own collaborative KM journey we at ERP Global have realized that for the collaborative KM initiative to be successful technology is a necessary but small enabler. Managing the work place culture and tuning the mind-set of employees to accept and sustain the   initiative is a far greater challenge. Hence, we offer an end-to-end   Solution comprising KM domain consulting and proprietary software solution implementation.

      • KM domain consulting service includes KM Executive Assessment and Change Management Consulting. The Executive Assessment is a readiness check to identify the steps needed to implement and institutionalize the KM initiative. By involving the leadership from the start they are made aware of their organization’s KM state, the KM roadmap that will best suit the organization as well as activities that will help achieve quick successes. Consensus is also built about the degree and nature of individual involvement by the leadership team in the KM journey. KM Change Management interactions are typically conducted post implementation and focus on specific processes and policy implementation to embed KM in the flow of work, improve effectiveness of the KM initiative and drive usage of the   software solution.
      • The  Software Solution can be deployed either on-premise or on-cloud based on Cloud Assessment findings. The other option is to deploy the ready-to-roll solutions aimed at a specific aspect of the collaborative KM initiative. With ERP Global’s expertise in enterprise integration the  system can be seamlessly integrated with business applications avoiding the creation of another knowledge silo. The  solution will be available on Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and 2010


ERP Global's Value Proposition

At ERP Global, we are committed to creating a client environment where KM and shared learning are intuitively woven into the workplace. We are amongst the very few IT majors that as a holistic behavioral engagement and not just a technology-led engagement. By partnering with us, you can be assured of achieving effortless KM and effective collaboration. The  software solution will provide you the added benefit of faster time to deployment and get your initiative rolling sooner.


Organization Change Management


One of the major reasons for ‘Change’ in various types of organizational initiatives failing is because there is inadequate or no ‘Change management’.

Secondary research of studies carried out by some renowned analysts reveals that:

      • 70% of all change efforts fail
      • Technology change had only 40% median success rate
      • Culture change had only 19% median success rate
      • Software development and installation had only a median success rate of 26%
      • Strategy deployment had a median success rate of only 58%
      • 70% of all reengineering efforts failed
      • 40% of all organizational change involved more than one type of change

Leading and managing Change is an important choice to be made to ensure that a Change initiative is successful and achieves the targeted business outcome.

It is therefore important to choose a right consulting partner for leading and managing an   organizational Change.

How ERP Global can help You You

We have considerable experience in managing change related to a wide-spectrum of areas such as:

      • Outsourcing
      • ERP implementation
      • Technology change
      • Business process reengineering
      • Restructuring & downsizing
      • Deployment of new business strategies
      • Knowledge management driven change
      • Strategy implementatios


ERP Global Advantage

      • Team of expert consultants: We leverage our experience of leading and managing Change in Fortune 100 companies, worldwide.
      • Comprehensive, flexible, customized solution: Our Change management solution is comprehensive and not piece-meal. Our principles-based, and flexible approach helps us to provide a solution customized to the unique needs of your company and project.
      • ‘Single Team’ effect: Our consultants will work ‘hands-on in the trenches’ with you to ensure maximum effectiveness.
      • Accelerated adoption: Geared to minimize operational disruptions and ensure a successful outcome, our solution ensures greater buy-in from stakeholders.
      • Proven methodology: We use a state-of-the art methodology which includes the latest and the best in the area of Change management. Our proven methodology aided by state-of-the-art tools has been adopted worldwide and is proven to deliver business outcomes. Our methodology helps to quickly deal with resistance and counteract barriers that could come in the way of a successful Change initiative. The figure below provides a snapshot of the comprehensive nature of our methodology


Proven Success

      • Change management consulting for a multi-country ERP implementation, at a large crop nutrient organization, which resulted in extensive buy-in from stakeholders and in successful ‘Go Lives’.
      • Change management consulting, for a US based provider of consumer products, for its  outsourced application managed services and helpdesk program.
      • Facilitating strategy formulation, designing and implementing a senior leadership developmental program and related change management, for a large provider of irrigation equipment and products.
      • Facilitating change management strategy formulation, for a US based insurance company, for its program & portfolio management implementation project