Organizations today are answerable to a variety of questions pertaining to IT Governance and its bigger brother - Corporate Governance. Some of the prominent and pertinent questions commonly asked are:

      • What is the need for IT Governance and how does it enable Corporate Governance in an organization today?
      • Why should an organization invest in ensuring a series of processes and frameworks that enable the efficient and effective use of all IT Resources?
      • What is the business value that an organization will secure in real monetary terms if it adheres to the checks and balances that are established by it and applicable within itself?
      • How does the organization manage its portfolio of IT Proposals, Projects and Assets to ensure that continuous strategic value is realized?
      • What does a Balanced Scorecard measurement of the IT organization provide that will result in a high strategic alignment of Business and IT?
      • What will enable Compliance and Risk Management measures to be prevalent across IT and generally ripple across all business lines in an enterprise?

An IT Governance framework that will be able to effectively answer these questions needs to be necessarily modeled on the fundamental interlocking levers of Strategic Alignment of IT and Business, IT Value Delivery, Comprehensive IT Resource Management, Performance Measurement and Compliance/ Risk Management. These levers should in turn encompass all fundamental IT Resources – People, Applications, Infrastructure and Assets. Since IT Departments have a consistent mandate from CXOs to evolve from a support center into an aligned, strategic business partner bringing optimal value to the enterprise on a continued basis, IT Governance, Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and related processes have become an integral function of the 21st century enterprise.

ERP Global's dedicated IT Governance Center of Excellence (CoE) helps businesses to adopt effective IT Governance strategies that will help them control, comply and align IT with business priorities. These strategies enable IT and the businesses to function in tandem as a cohesive unit that delivers real value to the organization. We provide solutions that conform to standards like SOX, BASEL II, using COBIT, ITIL, PMI as the guiding principles while helping you meet your objectives of IT Governance and Project Portfolio Management. Our Project Portfolio Management and IT Governance Outsourcing solutions ensure the unlocking of real cost savings and innovation value delivery through establishing the integrative systems and incorporating best practices to enable optimal management of our customer's IT portfolio.



Our deep technology and consulting capabilities are well complemented by our partnerships and alliances with leading product vendors in the IT Governance space: HP and CA. These cutting edge industry standard products - HP PPM and CA Clarity - coupled with the composite Service Offerings from the IT Governance CoE enables us to leverage the effective use of technology and business acumen to build holistic IT Governance solutions for our customers.


ERP Global has proven experience in the IT Governance arena. Our project assessment and execution methodologies have proven to be useful in all our project implementations. We deliver solutions that not only enhance business value but also realize its benefits. With careful assessment, we deliver rational refinements and judiciously crafted improvements to produce significant and measurable results to meet business challenges. ERP Global's IT Governance Centre of Excellence (CoE) has formed alliances with leading IT Governance product vendors including Mercury Interactive to enable faster implementations that fully exploit the product features. These comprehensive solutions have delivered tangible business benefits to organizations across industry verticals.

We implement IT Governance solutions across key areas depending on the need and then extend them to the entire IT organization to maximize their value. Our IT Governance implementations cover the wide array of IT functions like:

      • Demand Management
      • Project Portfolio Management
      • Financial Management
      • Change Management
      • Resource Management


IT Governance Solution Approach


ERP Global's IT Governance team collaborates with its customers to define their business requirements based on the business objectives. ERP Global addresses these requirements to synergize standard product features with custom solutions to deliver a quality product that complies with customer needs and objectives. ERP Global's IT Governance CoE's organization structure and execution processes have created several enablers that facilitate successful IT Governance implementation. ERP Global's CoE framework is well supported by a comprehensive knowledge base in the different areas of IT Governance product suites of leading vendors. This is complemented with a rich repository of best practices that have been honed and fine-tuned over years of IT Governance implementation experience.

Our project management cell is led by our Project Management Institute (PMI®) certified mentors, adopting industry-wide best practices Our dedicated team of resources constantly strive to innovate and build capacity in research and development to transform ideas into products.


IT Governance Value Proposition


A specialized solution from ERP Global enables global organizations to develop a more integrated approach to IT Governance using IT Governance products that result in:

      • Closer alignment between business strategies and IT implementations
      • Less redundancy and more standardization of processes across the enterprise
      • More efficient use of resources


ERP Global thus enables our customers to achieve improved ROI by informed decision-making across the enterprise.

IT Governance Value Proposition:

Our dedicated CoE takes prime responsibility for ensuring that important aspects of our customers' IT Governance implementations are addressed constantly and consistently. This enables our customers to better align their IT organization with their business, resulting in keeping their stakeholders and stockholders happy.


ERP Global's IT Governance CoE is committed to continuous development of quality solutions that maximize customer benefits. We deliver a full spectrum of services for IT Governance implementations that span technology and platform. Depending on our customer organization's current state of IT Governance initiative, maturity and strategy, we recommend and deliver the most appropriate services that will meet

the organization's goals and bring in maximum business benefits.

ERP Global's IT Governance Service Offerings Pyramid

Consulting Services
ITG/Project Portfolio Management Strategy & Roadmap
When lack of planning, plagues an organization's IT, it needs to increase insight into its IT activities. We help our customers to shape their IT agenda and formulate a strategy to align their IT Department with the mission and objectives of the organization, thereby enabling them to measure and present the outcome of their work.

Process Re-engineering

We help customers in evaluating their as-is processes, and re-engineering the subsequent improvements. We adopt the following methodology to ensure defect-free and efficient process map design.

Outsourcing Governance

Today’s CIO and IT managers need to run a cost-efficient organization and build an infrastructure that will ultimately help the company create/retain its competitive edge. Establishing and retaining competitive and market advantage requires the organization to be able to respond effectively to competition and changing market conditions. IT Governance Outsourcing can support this, but only if the organization understands which parts of its business truly create competitive advantage. Outsourcing Governance is the set of ready-to-use toolsets and best-practices required to manage the overall IT Governance outsourcing relationship including maintenance, performance, costs and control of third-party services.

ERP Global has been instrumental in developing long-term offshore strategies for our large customers. Based on our experience of setting-up and managing large ODCs for clients, our involvement has been right from the conceptualization stage. ERP Global plays a major role in developing the transition roadmap to enable effective implementation of a long-term IT Governance Outsourcing strategy. For more details, please contact us.


Application Portfolio Rationalization

At ERP Global we believe that Application Portfolio Management is not just about running multiple enhancement projects or maintaining applications. In a strategic initiative, that IT and business groups should jointly plan and execute, each asset in the Portfolio needs to be assessed in terms of its business value and "total cost of ownership". Similar to a financial portfolio, the application portfolio must be monitored and re-valued continuously and altered to suit the enterprise's business goals.


Implementation Services

High Availability-Disaster Recovery (HA-DR) Set up

IT Governance infrastructure set up is the backbone of an application. We assist customers to identify their infrastructure needs, and set up their ITG environment.


Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the key to one of the biggest challenges in IT: Business - IT alignment. Within this offering, we help customers implement portfolio lifecycle with high importance on the Program Management Office setup, scorecards and tollgate processes. PPM not only bridges the gap between strategic and project functions, but takes steps to eliminate the gap.


As part of this solution offering, we design and develop dashboards that provide visibility into IT for executives and business units. Special dashboards enabling the predictive analysis for the usage of resources, or, the probability of meeting the SLAs for IT services help organizations gain high visibility into their projects and operations, thus helping to control them effectively.



This service provides all the necessary tools, to replace an existing application with ITG and retire the old application. This is achieved by building a transformational data model, validated to conform to the business rules.


Our integration solution seamlessly integrates the IT Governance system with external systems. The benefits include improved efficiency and effectiveness of the underlying business processes by providing information on demand, regardless of the source or destination system.




As product upgrades are commonplace with the ever-changing needs of technology, our upgrade offerings enable our customers assess the needs for an upgrade, thus helping them to stay at the cutting edge of competition.


Production Support

ERP Global excels in application development and configuration services around the ITG product platform of leading vendors. Our methodology is based on industry best-practices and sound knowledge of IT Governance focus areas. Effective functioning of IT, demands efficient maintenance of IT Governance application. We help our customers support their applications in a focused manner. Our teams work closely with customer-personnel to provide support recommendations and timely software maintenance.

Performance Management

Realizing the challenges inherent to IT application performance, we assist our customers in identifying the bottlenecks and providing remedial action. We also provide tuning recommendations to deliver optimal response time and application efficiency.

We deliver all the above IT Governance services using ERP Global's flexible Global Delivery Model, supported by our SLA commitments, mature processes and methodologies.

Proprietary Solutions

e-Mail Plug-in
e-Mail Plug-in is a digitized approach to help business users of the PPM Centers respond to an action item awaiting a user’s response via emails, thereby substantially reducing the turn-around time in the process and avoiding some of the intermediate manual steps via PPM that would be normally required. The plug-in is also compatible with handled devices like BlackBerry, making it best suitable for executives who need to provide quick approvals while they are away from office. For more details, please contact us. After configuring the e-Mail Plug-in, users will have the ability to approve requests via emails.

Workflow Maker
Intensifying competition, multiple Process Frameworks and an increased focus on IT Governance implementations have triggered the need for functional experts / process owners to ride the technology wave with a greater emphasis to reduce the implementation life-cycle. Workflow Maker acts as a smart card for IT Governance suites to reduce the efforts in creating IT/Business processes. It substantially reduces the configuration overheads; by converting process diagrams designed using specific Visio templates into product specific workflows within the IT Governance Product. For more details, please contact us.

Data Archival Solution
Due to the increasing amount of data that must be archived, data archival solution is becoming a more complex task. Increasing regulatory compliance needs are also increasing the amount of data and length of time business data must be stored. Our Data Archival solution around HP PPM addresses these concerns by archiving the workflow transaction related data from the Oracle database to structured XML database, still making it available to the business users from the application. For more details, please contact us.