ERP Global expertise in Retail Solutions spans across the business critical application areas of retailing. We have been servicing retail clients since 1994, and have over the years built a knowledge repository of industry best practices, and process frameworks to ensure cost savings and time-to-market benefits to our clients.

Competitive pressures and a rapidly shrinking world are encouraging retailers to pursue a global presence through mergers and acquisitions, and industry consolidation. Globalized markets and operations not only bring a host of risk factors but also give rise to complex supply chains and logistical issues. Retail companies with global footprints and extended supply chains need to be challenged to eliminate waste, improve supplier relations, manage inventory better and be more aware of risk deterrence measures for their physical and non-physical assets. All these challenges have been further listed below which include:

  • The Need for Effective Corporate Governance
  • Market Value Recognition
  • Brand Reputation and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Optimizing Supply Chain Management
  • Efficient CRM/Consumer Centric approach
  • Effective Enterprise Risk Management
  • Integrated Technology Solutions for Process Efficiencies
  • Globalization/Consolidation
Our end-to-end service offerings have helped customers alleviate the above-mentioned challenges.

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