ERP Global's Web technology solutions integrate Web front-ends and e-software packages with existing ERP solutions, client-server applications, legacy systems and databases. We utilize multiple integration techniques including data integration tools, message oriented middleware, and workflow automation tools.

With a unique combination of domain, technology and process expertise, ERP Global helps clients achieve world class, robust, highly scalable and business process driven EAI architecture to address business requirements.

ERP Global has partnerships with leading middleware framework providers such as Tibco, webMethods, IBM and BEA to ensure high performance solutions for clients. ERP Global provides following services to its customers in the EAI space:


      • Integration solution framework
      • Roadmap for EAI Implementation
      • EAI Project Management
      • EAI Tool Evaluation

Architecture & Design

      • Middleware Consultancy
      • Architecture End to End Solution
      • Develop prototypes and proof-of-concepts for early architecture validation

Development & Deployment

      • Develop methodology, standards and templates to speed up EAI project implementations


      • Verification and Validation of the EAI solution to ensure that it is ready to meet the usability, performance and security demands



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ERP Global blends our comprehensive experience in Web application and e-Business frameworks and emerging technologies with our broad industry expertise. It’s our formula for delivering advanced customer-focused Services.

ERP Global’s Web enabling focus addresses the entire gamut of business requirements from establishing a meaningful and well-designed and defined internet presence, content management and portal solutions, B2B integration, enterprise application integration, mobile commerce, web security, business intelligence and data warehousing.

A diverse spectrum of clients across industries like Insurance, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecom, Retail around the world looks to ERP Global for advanced Internet technology, including Web service solutions. Our results-driven, Incremental and Iterative Development Methodology, defines our approach to Web technology, e-Business consulting and implementation. ERP Global also partners with leading technology suppliers in key areas to ensure best-of-breed client solutions.

To help clients continuously improve return from their technology investments, ERP Global actively monitors emerging technologies. Our internal Microsoft .NET and J2EE technology focus groups round out the picture by developing and maintaining ERP Global’s expertise in these essential technology areas.

ERP Global also works to minimize the impact of technology change. We offer methodologies for migrating applications written in Microsoft technologies — for example, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual C++, and ASP (Active Server Pages) — to the new Microsoft .NET technologies — Visual Basic .NET, Managed VC++ and ASP .NET.

ERP Global’s service offerings help organizations keep pace with the rapidly changing dynamics of the Web and e-Business. We provide end-to-end Web technology and e-Business solutions and services that include: